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Beneficial Insects

The use of chemical pesticides poses serious 
dangers for us and our environment. Within the garden, we have found that a balance of bugs, both good and bad is much better than no bugs at all. We know that almost all pests have natural enemies, which we usually call beneficial insects. Our role in the garden is to cultivate a habitat that will allow garden predators to eat and reproduce. Unlike with the use of chemical pesticides the bad bugs never build up a resistance to being eater!

A balance of good and bad bugs is nature's way

It’s actually good to have some pest bugs around because they are the food source that attracts and keeps the beneficial bugs in the garden. Keeping a balance of good and bad bugs is the way that nature bas been doing it for millions of years. When habitats get out of balance and we see our precious flowers being eaten by a hoard of aphids, or spider mites, we bring the balance back by introducing some beneficial insects.

We strongly advise spraying your plants completely and thoroughly with an insecticidal soap or the like prior to introducing any beneficial insect. The best rinse for your plants will depend on the infestation, the type of plants and the stage of growth. For example one would not normally spray mature flowers. Be it insecticidal soap, Neem Oil, or a good water shower, wash away as much of an infestation as possible.

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