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Educational Events

Third Coast Garden Supply invites you to join us for a seminar on:

Advancing Your Hydroponic Systems

Healthier Plants, Bigger Yields, Better Taste! 

This Saturday!

November 20th 11:00 am - 5:00pm

at the: M.S.U. Management Education Center

               811 W. Square Lake Rd., Troy, MI  48098


Come share in the knowledge of 15 year veteran of

hydroponic cultivation, agriculture student, 

 and cultivator of earth, Josh Laughlin

$50.00 R.S.V.P. ticket purchase is required by Friday Nov. 19th 

 Educational Materials and Lunch will be provided at this event

Topics Covered Will Include:  

-History of Hydroponics/ Systems, Construction, & Medium 

-pH, EC/ TDS & Water Quality

-Environmental Factors, Controls, & System Maintenance

-C.E.A (Controlled Environment Agriculture)

-Best Management Practices (B.M.P) -Basic Plant Biology

-Hydro vs. Soil -Organic vs. Synthetic Fertilizers

-Plant Nutrition and Maintenance 

-Cropping time (vegetative/ flower Nutritional Requirements) 

-Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M)

-Pest and Disease Control in a Hydroponic Environment

-Top Products Found in the Hydroponic Industry 

-Question and Answer session will follow

This Class is limited to 32 students;

reserve your seat today

$50.00 R.S.V.P. Ticket

(586) 997 - 2700