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Medical Marijuana

‘Synthetic Marijuana’ Chemicals Ban
The agency said it would ban the possession and sale of five synthetic cannaboids that are used to coat products which are marketed as incense, but have become popular as smokables for those seeking a legal high.

Marijuana Industry Will Be New Trade Group’s Focus
Flush with financial clout and with their eyes on pushing Congress to further loosen laws, medical marijuana industry leaders are forming a national trade association.

Marijuana Users Who Started Early Show Brain Function Deficit, Study Says
Those who began smoking before age 16 performed the worst on tests assessing brain function, researchers say.

Arizona Becomes 15th State to Approve Medical Marijuana
Proposition 203, won by just 4,341 votes out of more than 1.67 million ballots counted.

Arizona Narrowly Approves Medical Marijuana
Nearly two weeks after Election Day, officials reported that voters narrowly approved a ballot initiative allowing medical marijuana for people with chronic or debilitating disease.

Marijuana Smokers Who Start Early Are at Greatest Risk, Study Finds
Those who began smoking before age 16 performed the worst on cognitive tests assessing brain function, researchers say.

Backers of Legal Marijuana See Silver Lining in California Loss
Even though California’s Proposition 19 lost, supporters are confident that some state will legalize marijuana.

Leaves of Grass, an Illegal Story
A day after California said no to marijuana, my bookstore got an errant shipment of premium bud.

In Nederland, Colo., Marijuana’s a Point of Pride
In an outpost of counterculture and medical marijuana, cannabis has been mainstream since the days of Cheech and Chong.

In Oakland, Defeat of Measure Isn’t the End
Oakland’s vision of becoming a global center of the marijuana industry lives on despite the defeat of Proposition 19.

In Smuggling Tunnel at U.S. Border, Drugs on Rails
A drug smuggling tunnel holding at least 30 tons of marijuana was discovered south of San Diego and called unusual for its sophistication by border patrol agents.

California Rejects Marijuana Legalization
Across the country, voters in dozens of states weighed in not just on candidates but on all matter of issues large and small, more than 150 of them in all.

Home Stretch in California Over Proposition 19, Marijuana Ballot Initiative
Even a close loss could have national impact, as groups seeking to change drug laws watch the results and consider backing legalization measures in other states.

Facing a Giant of an Election
Ballot initiatives on marijuana, global-warming policy and the cost of public-employee benefits go to the heart of the Bay Area’s identity.

Marijuana Web Names Snapped Up, in Case of Legalization
There is an Internet land grab for marijuana domains by so-called domainers who hope to sell their holdings at a profit.