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Organic Gardening

Botanical Gardens Are Turning Away From Flowers
Social trends and changing demographics have forced botanical gardens to widen their appeal beyond flowers and plants.

Beginners’ Tips at Bedford Garden Club’s ‘VegOut!’
Bedford Garden Club will open 10 local vegetable gardens to the public in an effort to raise awareness about food sustainability and inspire visitors to grown their own food.

New, Greener Version of Ivory Towers Proliferates
Climbing plants are becoming part of design, with the added aim of cooling interior air.

20 Smartphone Apps for the Home and Garden
Apps to turn your smartphone into a digital jack-of-all-trades.

That Big Farm Called San Francisco
There are all sorts of ways and places to grow your own food, and lots of people to show you how.

Plot Twists
Three novel solutions to the urban garden.

YOU'RE THE BOSS; For a Restaurateur to Be, A Vegetable Garden That Won't
You're the Boss blog notes vegetable garden location for restaurateur has shady tree; photo

The Spotless Garden
Aquaponic gardens use fish, water and no soil — and may be the future of food growing.

In Portland, Growing Vertical
The federal government plans to plant a bold vertical garden with “vegetative fins” that will grow more than 200 feet high on the western façade of the main federal building.

Water Conservation Could Limit Suburban Lawns
Laws designed to conserve water by altering landscaping practices will limit the size of lawns in suburbs around San Francisco Bay.

The Rooftop Garden Climbs Down a Wall
A new technology along the lines of green roofs, called edible walls, grows vegetables, fruits and herbs on the outside walls of urban buildings.

Slippery Definitions of Green-Collar Jobs
A landscaper goes beyond the basics to design projects with minimal environmental impact.

When Your Dorm Goes Green and Local
Students at Warren Wilson College are taking higher education back to nature.

The Grass Is Greener at Harvard
The grass at Harvard University is now being grown organically, without the use of synthetic nitrogen, the base of most commercial fertilizers.

You Say Tomato, I Say Agricultural Disaster
As we begin to grow more of our own food, we need to reacquaint ourselves with plant pathology and understand that what we grow, and how we grow it, affects everyone else.