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Advanced Nutrients - Organic Iguana Juice Bloom

5.00 LBS

Product Description


+ PRODUCT TYPE: Organic Nutrients and Supplements


  • Promotes healthy root systems
  • Encourages growth
  • 100% organic
  • Contains organic chelators
  • Contains 76 different minerals
  • Fully soluble in water

+ WHEN TO USE IGUNANA JUICE: Mix 3.5 ml of the Iguana Juice formula per litre of water and water it into the soil where Organic Iguana Juice Grow will provide your plants with immediate, quality nutrition


How IGUANA JUICE™ Completely Eliminates The 5 Biggest Organic Growing Problems...

NUMBER ONE: Iguana is 100% organic, but it doesn't smell disgusting. That's because Iguana only uses 100% premium quality and sourced ingredients.

For example, several types of guano from different sources are utilized so you get a broader range of guano nutrients. And Advanced Nutrients washes the guano, so you only get purified guano extracts that don't make you gag from the smell.

In fact, all the ingredients in IGUANA JUICE™ are clean-processed so they're deodorized and disinfected. Because of this, your garden smells great and stays safe!

And the manufacturing processes are so advanced that the ingredients retain their whole nutritional value, or the nutritional value is actually magnified even during this extensive cleaning process.

It's the same with the immaculate kelp meal extracts used in IGUANA JUICE™ . Your plants get more concentrated kelp nutrition than they ever could before.

In short, every ingredient in IGUANA JUICE™ is premium sourced, deodorized, and clean-processed so you get only the cleanest, freshest, purest and most potent organic formula available.

NUMBER TWO: IGUANA JUICE™ is a liquid, one-part fertilizer formula. That's why it mixes easily in any type of hydroponic gardening system... and... why it flows so easily through almost any type of system without ever clogging it.

This is why you never have to worry about the nasty "sludge" buildup you would get from nearly every other organic fertilizer system. And speaking of sludge...

NUMBER THREE: Because IGUANA JUICE™ doesn't smell like sewage and it mixes fully without creating "sludge" in your filters and growing systems, it doesn't create the same environment that other organic formulas create.

This means you won't be breeding fungus gnats or other insects in your grow room that spread germs, diseases, attack your plants, and are downright disgusting and annoying! And that's not the only benefit to a liquid, one-part formula like this...

NUMBER FOUR: Because IGUANA JUICE™ is a one-part liquid formula, it's extremely easy to mix and use. So if you're looking for a simpler, more effective organic fertilizer formula-this is it!

Here's how simple it is: IGUANA GROW is a one-part complete organic nutrient for use in your grow phase. And IGUANA BLOOM is a one-part complete organic nutrient for use in your bloom phase. They contain exactly what your plants need in each specific phase to set you up for maximum harvests.

NUMBER FIVE: IGUANA JUICE™ was developed specifically for the types of plants you grow to give them … exactly … down to the cellular level … what they need for maximum growth and optimum bloom phases.

Here's how...


  • Unlike other organic nutrients which are too "hot" and burn plants with too much nitrogen, IGUANA JUICE™ contains the exact ratio of Nitrogen to fuel optimum growth...


  • It contains only the most premium, pure, and effective ingredients your plants need like fish extract, guano, earthworm castings, yucca, krill, alfalfa, volcanic ash and other exclusively-sourced, premium-quality, 100% organic ingredients that promote flowering and enhanced taste and aroma.


  • These organic ingredients are loaded with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micronutrients and growth co-factors that force your plants to do exactly what you want them to do as soon as possible.

Material Safety Data Sheet - Advanced Nutrients - Organic Iguana Bloom

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