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Progress Earth - Earth Recharge


Product Description

Earth Recharge (formerly BD Thunder) is a genuine BioDynamic creation created on a certified organic farm. It is highly concentrated, with as little as little as 1 teaspoon per gallon (0.001%) of soil/growing media producing visual benefits.

Earth Recharge is a premium humus containing select arcane ingredients, myriad beneficial microorganisms, and dynamic minerals and micronutrients, just the food your soil or growing media needs to produce healthy roots, leaves, flowers, and fruit.

Earth Recharge is a microsoil. By using it in hydroponics or soilless mixes like Sunshine or Pro-Mix, you can create a soil-like environment without having to pay a premium in the garden center. Use it in every growing situation.

INGREDIENTS: sea plants, BioDynamically prepared organic matter, myriad rock dusts, biodynamic preps BD500-508, selective arcane ingredients. Windrows are sprayed with various proprietary living solutions throughout the formulating process in order to ensure maximum potency.

Earth Recharge is screened by hand and crafted in small batches. It is not sterilized, meaning it comes from nature and can potentially contain small rocks or seeds that germinate in the bag or after planting. This is no cause for alarm, it is the life force at work. Simply, pluck or turn under into the living soil.

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USES: Be creative! Uses limited only to the imagination:
Propagation: Sprinkle and water into plugs or starts ASAP

Soil (Soilless – Hydroponic) mix: Use @ 1-20% by volume in soil mix or growing media. As little as 1 teaspoon per gallon (0.001%) of growing media has been known to create measureable results.

Top Dressing / Root Drench: Use 0.5 -1 oz per gallon of water, stir in both directions vigorously, water into roots weekly.

Compost Tea: Use with Earth Tonic and the Vortex Brewer™for maximum results. Use 1 oz per 5 gallons of good clean water as a biological inoculant; see www.VortexBrewer.com

Compost Inoculant: Use 1 cup per month in compost pile for higher quality compost.

Transplanting: Sprinkle over the entire surface of hole before all plantings.

Tree & Shrub Food: Use liberally around roots 2-4x’s per year.

Grass Application: Use 1 gallon per 1000-5000 sqft in Spring and Fall.

Pond Treatment: Use 1 gallon for every 1000sq ft of surface area 1-4x’s per year

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