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RhinoGrow LED Grow Lights 400 Series


Product Description

The RhinoGrow 400 is the first offering in the RhinoGrow series. This light is a professional grade light which is designed to be used in a commercial growing environment or for the advanced home growing enthusiast. The RhinoGrow 400 can be used for vegetative and bloom cycles and covers about 9 square feet of growing area.

It is difficult to draw comparisons between LED grow lights and traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium (HPS) lights but the RhinoGrow 400 is roughly similar to a 400 Watt HPS light. When we developed the RhinoGrow 400, we tested it against a 400 watt HPS bulb.


72 Total Osram® 3 Watt LEDs with a mix of 80-150 degree beam angles
44 Deep Red - 660 nm
12 Amber - 620nm
8 Deep Blue - 450 nm
8 Warm White - Light Temperature 2700k
Powered by Hortilume Modular Light Engines
Constant current specific to each LED
Operates within LED manufacturer specifications to ensure maximum performance and longevity of LEDs

Power Usage - 172W
Voltage - 120 VAC

Light Fixture - 17 inches x 17 inches x 1.5 inches
Power Supply - 5 inches x 13 inches x 1.75 inches

Light Fixture - 11.3 lbs
Power Supply - 4.9 lbs

Hangers and fully calibrated power supply included

CIE 1931Chromaticity Diagram

PAR Readings
 Distance (inches)  Distance (cm)  PAR-Value (MicroMoles/s/m^2)
 6 15.2  780.0
 12  30.5  395.7
 18  45.7  224.8
 24  61.0  141.1
About the data you see here....

There are a lot of over the top and bodacious claims made in the grow light industry and a lot of numbers get thrown around without a lot of background as to how those numbers are generated. PAR readings in particular can vary wildly depending on what type of sensors are used and under what conditions the measurements are taken. We pride ourselves on having integrity and do not make claims about the capabilities of the Rhinogrow LED Grow Light unless we can back them up. The spectral data, chromaticity data and PAR readings that you see here were measured at Light Laboratory Inc, a reputable NVLAP accredited laboratory (NVLAP Lab Code 200927-0). The measurements were taken under controlled conditions in accordance with IESNA test standards. Click below to see copies of the test reports from Light Laboratory, Inc.

PAR Measurements Test Report
Spectral Measurements Test Report

Power Savings:

 Light  Watts  Electricity Rate ($/KWH)  Annual Cost Running 12 hrs/day (USD) Annual Cost Running 18 hrs/day(USD) Annual Cost Running 24 hrs/day (USD)
 400 Watt HPS  400  .118*  $206.74 $310.10  $413.47
 RhinoGrow 400  172  .118*  $88.90  $133.34  $177.79
 Savings      $117.84  $176.76  $235.68

*Average 2011 electric rates in United States according to the US Department of Energy. Check your utility bill for rates in your area.

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